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Require me a customization of an image in the catalog, it is sufficient to indicate the image name and the type of edit, you can also request a new image, communicating the subject to create that if it is assessed as suitable for inclusion in catalog, will be made ​​for you to preview.

The price for the customization of an image in the catalog, from 40, 90 and 200 euros, paid in advance. the image will be delivered in the email, image resolution and license can be ROYALTY FREE XL or RIGHTS MANAGED XL for the exclusive use of the image, six months or for ever (extended license).


carrello e-commerceFor any request for customizing or creating new picture you can write to the email:

The time of realization depends on the type of image you want to change or create, typically from a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 3 working days.


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