All the images available on this site are original and Royalty Free, RF pictures are sold for an unlimited use with a single payment. The unlimited use, however, doesnt' let to resell the pictures or to let third parties use them.
The purchased images do not refer to real products, are illustrations. All the pictures contained in this website are subject to rights of the same FABIO BERTI. The contract which has been drew up, in both cases, it is not a selling but a usage license, then the author still has all his rights on the intellectual property of the pictures he created.homepage_logo_2.jpg There are three types of licenses: Small, Medium and XL, which correspond to the graphic resolution selected when ordering:

SMALL = 0,5 MP - 800x600pixels 72 DPI -  low resolution screen

MEDIUM = 3 MP - 2000x1500pixels 300 DPI - prints up to 17x13 cm

XL = 14 MP - 4500x3000pixels 300 DPI - prints up to 40x25 cm

All images shown on the site have deliberately reduced size and quality and a visible watermark to avoid incorrect use of the same, the quality of the file delivered will be perfect.

The base price you see on each image is referred to a licensed Small, to change the license click on the image of interest and then "choose the resolution" selecting between Small, Medium and XL.

In particular, is hereinafter provided a list of the allowed and forbidden usages within the terms set by the usage license contract.

What you can do:mano ok
1) you can use the product in a single position; it can be transferred, but it must be used in only one position at a time;
2) you can do only one backup copy;
3) picture usage is allowed in the following applications:
i) commercial and publishing projects, concerning printed material, packaging, presentations, movies and video presentations, magazines, books and covers, postcards and greeting cards;
ii) electronic or web-based publications, along with web pages within dimension limits of 640x480 px at 72 dpi;
iii) prints and reprints for personal use;
4) you can create derivative works embodying into your work the picture bought;
5) derivative works usage is allowed at the same conditions above set at the point 3;
6) you can transfer files containing the picture or derivative works to your customers, printers or ISP with the intention of print, assumed that those parties don't need other printing rights for the picture usage.

What you can't do:
You can only use the product following the lines provided no accessabove. You can't redistribute a copy of the picture, or parts of it, or allow any access to the picture, or parts of it, if not allowed above.
You cannot:
1) use the picture for a design template you will resell, included web templates, flash templates and brochure design templates.
2) sell the picture via "print on demand"-like online services, including posters, postcards, t-shirts or other lines.
3) use the picture with posters (printed, as background, etc...) or other selling lines.
4) use the picture, or part of it, to design brands or generally in business communication;
5) embody the picture within products which result in a reprint of it (as for digital postcards);
6) use the picture in ways considered by FABIO BERTI pornoghrapic, obscene or slandering;
7) use in the bought product pictures describing any person in mature contents, including mental, social and psychologic disturbs, smuggling and crime;
8) remove any indication on copyright, brand, signature or the like about the copyright owner from the position in which they are placed on the product or on the materials that come with it;
9) sub-license it, resell it, rent it, lend it or any other kind of distribution of the bought product.

For any other question about the picture usage, please contact us.

Every printed picture shall credit "illustration -"

There are no shipping costs, all purchased files will be delivered in e-mail included in the order and customized with an invisible watermarkafter the payment has been successful.  The purchased images do not refer to real products. Exclusion of the right of withdrawal, customization with digital watermark.
The placing of the order by the customer implies REQUIRED TO PAY with mode choices during the confirmation.
Web site registration is free for purchases. To resolve any dispute with my shop, you can contact the European ODR platform (“On Line Dispute Resolution”) at this address

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